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Black Muslims

Black Muslims

Black Muslims has been a popular term that has been used along the course of time to refer to a number of different things.

Black Muslims

Black Muslim Woman

Literally the phrase means or refers to Black Muslims who are African people that are followers and believers in the religion of Islam as preached to us by the Prophet Mohammad SalAllahu Alayhi WaSallam as instructed by Allah, but in many cases the phrase has actually referred to Nationalist African-American organisations that describe themselves as being Muslim.

Black Muslims Organisations that are not Muslim!

There have been a number of such organisations of “Black Muslims” over the course of history and some of them are not even considered to be Muslim within mainstream Islam, and some of them are…

  • Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam is one of the more popular Muslim religious movements that happened in America, the religious movement was founded in Detroit Michigan in the United States by a man called Wallace Fard Muhammad, a man whose true identity is not well known, Wallace was a minister and he established the Nation of Islam in 1930. The religious movement stated that its goals were focus on the well-being of the African Americans that were living in the United States spiritually, mentally socially and economically and also to look out for the well-being of all of humanity. Wallace mysteriously disappeared in 1930 and he was succeeded by a follower named Elijah Muhammad.

Elijah took over the organisation and built mosques that were called Temples, schools and many inside and out of the United States.

Another notable leader of the Nation of Islam was Malcolm X. Malcolm X is quite a popular house hold name in the United States. He was a an African American Muslim minister and he was a brave advocate for the rights of African Americans. He is one of the most influential African Americans in the history of the nation and has been accused of acts like preaching racism, anti-Semitism and black supremacy.

  • United Nation Of Islam

The United Nation of Islam or (UNOI) is another of such Natioanlist Islamic organisations similar to the Nation Of Islam but with very extreme views.

The organisation was founded in 1978 by a man called Royall Jenkins. Jenkins was a man of strong beliefs that Allah came into the world and founded the Nation Of Islam in the person of Wallace Fard Muhammad which is false. Jenkins also made claims that he himself is Allah and has been obligated to force the submission of everything on earth to the glory of himself and then all men will become gods, which is again false and Shirk (The highest sin within Islam that nullifies a person eman)

Conclusion of the term Black Muslims

The phrase “Black Muslims” many times is used to refer to these groups or organisation (many not listed) that has been movements of Black Muslims or African American Muslims in the Nation. Although the term Black Muslims is often associated with the Nation of Islam or with the United Nation of Islam, the term is not synonyms with it. They believe in something contradictory to mainstream Islam and Black Muslims in general. Black Muslims means a person who is Black and a Muslim, whether they be from Africa, America, United Kingdom or anywhere else in the World.

Black Muslims Online

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